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1044 McCormick Rd. Brackney, PA 570-663-2297

Why are we called Sea Hag Soaps & Art Mercantile ?

It started with our old 16′ vintage wooden boat on a small lake that needed a wonderful, ridiculous name. She was less than perfect, but oh how we loved her! After throwing around possible names for the boat, “Sea Hag” fit the bill. When I started making soaps on a more than hobby scale in 1999, I thought we needed a name for the soaps and “Sea Hag Soaps” was born. After doing some doodling, the laughing Hag started to emerge. She felt like someone warm, wise and friendly, someone I’d love to laugh with. The logo carries a bold, yet fun message of imperfection. Our soap is gentle to all skin types and effective, no matter how sensitive your skin is. Like the Sea Hag boat, we are all less than perfect. In a world that worships unattainable perfection, we celebrate our logo of the laughing Hag. Please celebrate by being who you are.

1044 McCormick Rd Brackney, PA 18812 570-663-2297
OPEN TUESDAY-Saturday 10-4:30 Sunday- Noon-4:30

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