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    Is the soap safe for sensitive skin?
    Yes it is. We’ve converted many people from commercial bars of soaps to ours because they thought all soaps were created equal. The difference is we use a food grade olive oil where most soap makers use pomace oil. Pomace oil is a low grade olive oil that’s a lot cheaper. We don’t want to mess with success. If you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll give you a refund. Promise.

    How big are the bars of soap?
    Each bar weighs 5+oz and are 3″ diameter and a comfortable 1.25″ thick. No hard edges.The round bars trace your body form better than a square or rectangle shaped bar.
    The bars are wrapped in hand dyed papers.

Do you do Party Favors?
    YES WE DO! We do customized party favor soaps that are half the weight of our regular soaps. We can wrap in your custom colors.

    Address-1044 McCormick Rd, Brackney,PA 18812

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    • We are OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK

    • Tuesday-Sat.10-5 and SUNDAYS-Noon--4:30