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Couples Basket GIFT (HERS) Winter Skin Saver
Gift ideas for friends and family. Choose a gift basket by category, or give us a call and we'll make a custom basket!
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gift certificate Sea Hag Decal Sea Hag Bumper Sticker
4" Sea Hag Decal
List Price: $1.50
Our Price: $1.50
Sea Hag Bumper Sticker
List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $2.00
A gift certificate is the perfect answer for someone who loves our store, while taking the decision pressure off of you- win win! Display your love for Sea Hag with this sticker. Plaster the bumper sticker on your car, luggage, front door, bike or where ever you need a little happy spirit.
Lip Lover- Lip Balm Man or Beast Bug Spray Saving Grace- Pet Soap
Lip Lover- Stick
List Price: $4.00
Our Price: $4.00
Man or Beast Bug Spray
List Price: $6.00
Our Price: $6.00
Saving Grace Furry Friends Soap
List Price: $7.50
Our Price: $7.50
This lip balm will protect and heal your worn lips. Contains a natural blend of apricot kernel oil, beeswax, and a bit of lanolin!
This is a non petroleum product. Four flavors available.
A simple and all natural citrus-scented bug spray made with essential oils. This pleasant smelling repellent is gentle on all skin types and safe for your kids or animals!
Saving Grace Pet Soap is non-toxic, safe, and tested on humans and animals alike. Named in honor of Grace- our black Goldendoodle!
Thanksgiving Package= Soap and a Room Spray Dead Sea Salts Hag Hat
Dead Sea Salts Bath Scrub
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00
Hag Hat
Our Price: $14.00
Get your house ready for the Holidays! This duo of pumpkin spice soap or (other options) and a room spray(scent Options) will put a smile on your face as you leave your bathroom smelling spicy and ready to sit down to your feast!
An invigorating blend of sea salts from the Dead Sea and lavender essential oils to ease the day's troubles away. We now give you the option of another scent of Virtual Vacation which will make you think of a day at the beach and the smell of coconut and vanilla surrounding you. An embroidered cap that will keep you looking stylishly hag-like!
gift bag 1 2 Bug Sprays and Lip Balm The Potty Pack
Gift Bag 1
Our Price: $15.00
Two 2oz-Bug Sprays & SPF Lip Balm
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00
The Potty Pack
Our Price: $15.00
A simple gift bag with a small soap, lip balm, and our new 4 oz.massage oil! Our cello bags change with the seasons.
Trust us to make it nice.
Our New label with same no DEET effective formula! A summer pack with two 2 oz. bug sprays and a FREE lip balm with the natural SPF of raspberry seed oil ! Safe for toddlers,adults and pets.
A potty pick me up! Wash up with your favorite soap and then spray your palace to rid it of any unpleasant odors. We put in a lip balm to protect those lovely lips from the outside elements.
gift bag 2 Gift Bag 3 Hag Bag
Gift Bag 2
Our Price: $16.00
Gift Bag 3
Our Price: $16.00
Hag Market & Beach Bag
List Price: $16.00
Our Price: $28.00
Members Price: $24.00
Great small gift bag for friends with massage oil, a small soap, and sugar scrub. A simple gift bag that includes a small soap, lip rub, and a Lick-a-Scents perfume! Cello wraps change with the seasons.
This canvas tote lets the world know that you're a Hag and proud of it! Hags are unique people. Be who you are and not anyone else.

PMS Pamper Box Hand made Soap Gift Packs GIFT (PET)
Our Price: $28.00
Four Pack of Soap & Lip Balm
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00
Comfort her during that time of the month when she may be feeling a little blue. This pamper box has everything she needs to feel loved! Four Pack Gift Set includes four soaps of your choice and one Lip Balm. Trust me you'll love them all. We guarantee it.
This is a gift for your furry friends that look to you with daily adoration and comfort. Oh, how we love them!
Winter Skin Saver Gift for HIM.Three soaps that pamper him, a Hag Balm, Lip balm and medium 2oz. bug spray. Gift Hers
Winter Skin Saver
Our Price: $34.00
Our Price: $40.00
Our Price: $42.00
Save your skin this winter with a bar of goat milk soap and you choice of another soap, a Hag Balm to seal and protect, two lip balms,one for your car and one for your pocket and a room spray to awaken your space in the dark cold days ahead.
A manly treat for any guy in your life. This box contains three soaps, a Hag Balm, and a 2 oz. bug spray. We can add other things like chocolate, lip balm, lotion, and more! If you need to talk about it please call us: 570-663-2297
This gift box contains four of our top selling soaps, a foot soak, a soothing lip balm and a room spray.
Eight pack of Soap Mountain Man Basket is a great answer to a gift for the outdoors man in your life. Couples Gift Basket
Mountain Man Basket
Our Price: $52.00
Couples Basket
Our Price: $58.00
Eight pack of soap security! Pick eight of your favorites or maybe a friend's favorites. We'll let you pick. A welcomed gift for any birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion.
Wooden coasters, soaps, scrubbers, lip balm, and candles for any man in your life. A large gift basket made for two!
Sea Hag Party Favors
25 Personalized Sea Hag Party Favors
List Price: $62.50
Our Price: $62.50
Favors for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, welcome baskets, birthday parties and anniversaries. We wrap in your colors and personalized.