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gift certificate Gift Certifcate

A gift certificate is the perfect answer for someone who loves our store, while taking the decision pressure off of you- win win!

Winter Skin Saver Winter Skin Saver

Save your skin this winter with a bar of goat milk soap and you choice of another soap, a Hag Balm to seal and protect, two lip balms,one for your car and one for your pocket and a room spray to awaken your space in the dark cold days ahead.

Our Price: $34.00
Gift for HIM.Three soaps that pamper him, a Hag Balm, Lip balm and medium 2oz. bug spray. GIFT (HIS)

A manly treat for any guy in your life. This box contains three soaps, a Hag Balm, and a 2 oz. bug spray. We can add other things like chocolate, lip balm, lotion, and more! If you need to talk about it please call us: 570-663-2297

Our Price: $40.00
Couples Gift Basket Couples Basket

A large gift basket made for two!

Our Price: $58.00
Sea Hag Party Favors 25 Personalized Sea Hag Party Favors

Favors for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, welcome baskets, birthday parties and anniversaries. We wrap in your colors and personalized.

List Price: $62.50
Our Price: $62.50