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"I have had the good fortune of discovering Sea Hag Soaps 5 years ago. I no longer buy the standard store brands and am simply amazed at how much better this product is and how refreshed I am after each shower"
- Scott R. Gardner, President/CEO Intermarket Technology Inc.

I don't spend a lot of time in the desert, but when I do, I take my Sea Hag Soap with me. Stay clean my friends!"
-Dennis Thompson 

"My mom sent me my first bars of "Man or Beast" while I was deployed to Iraq in 2006. I tried it. I liked it! I cut my second bar in half and gave it to 2 friends. Your products worked liked a dream. The clouds of mosquitoes left me alone, ditto the horseflies, and every other biting pest. Also, it's a very dry environment over there, and the soaps helped keep my skin and hair from drying out. Thanks!"
- Tricia Chapman, 101st Airborne

Colleen, Just had to let you know that the hot tub rash I couldn't get rid of for six months, is GONE! The Tea Tree Camp Bar Soap you recommended got rid of it in two weeks. Unbelievable! Thank you so much."

- Mark H

Whoever said they like bug spray? No one. Well, you will once you give 'Man or Beast Bug Slaying Spritz' a try! A summer MUST. Not only will you smell pretty good, but you won't be eaten alive, and you aren't doused in chemicals in a can!'
- Christine Reid Thank you so much!!

I purchased this Chapstick from Apple Mart on scenic drive last year when we took a trip to Pensacola, and it has been in my pocket since. I have even washed and dried it and it came out fine! I'm finally at the end of the tube and am glad you have an online store because this is by far the best chap stick I've ever used in my life! Thanks again!
Mary J. Anderlik, CMA