Man or Beast Bug Spray Man or Beast Bug Spray

A simple and all natural citrus-scented bug spray made with essential oils. This pleasant smelling repellent is gentle on all skin types and safe for your kids or animals!

Our Price: $5.50
Sea Hag Party Favors Sea Hag Party Favors

Favors for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, welcome baskets, birthday parties and anniversaries. We wrap in your colors and personalized.

Our Price: $62.50
Homeade Lavender Camp Bar Lavender- Camp Bar

Our Lavender Camp Bar has a soft scent with a rich lather.

Our Price: $7.00
Got Your Goat - Lavender Goat Milk Soap Lavender- Goat Milk Soap

With soothing lavender and moisturizing goat milk, it cleans and calms without drying skin.

Our Price: $7.00
Jac-O Pumpkin Spice Soap Jac-O Pumpkin Spice Soap

Jac-O is a vegan, pumpkin spice soap with a hint of apple. It's spicy scent is great for the holiday season or year round for autumn lovers!

Our Price: $7.00
Rose's Tea party Rose's Tea Party

Rose's Tea Party is not an overpowering or fake smell. It is young with the freshness of a summer day.

Our Price: $7.00
Hag Bag Hag Market & Beach Bag

This canvas tote lets the world know that you're a Hag and proud of it! Hags are unique people. Be who you are and not anyone else.

Our Price: $28.00
Members Price: $24.00
Landlubber's  Lemon Lullaby Landlubber's Lemon Lullaby

Lemon Lullaby is a pleasant citrus song with woodsy notes. This 5+oz bar is one of the top two sellers, fresh and uplifting.

Our Price: $7.00